Welcome to HOPE Counseling Services, a ministry of HOPE Community Church of Metrolina. Our Pastor-Teacher L. Todd Marlow (Pastor Todd) has served as our Shepherd now into his 16th year, and we are his fourth congregation to lead/pastor. He and his wife Mrs. Lisa have been married 33+ years, with three grown children, all out of the home, developing their own families. Thank you for making time to read this information as it pertains to our Counseling Center.

The HOPE Counseling Services covers a broad range of counseling needs, from teenager issues, to millennials and their progress, empathy & grief counseling, to pre-marital, marital and post marital counseling. Pastor Todd has been actively counseling for over 25 years, and focuses his counsel from a Biblical world view. He will listen to you, ask questions, listen again to you, and throughout the relationship building, namely when trust is established, he will offer solutions for you. An ongoing pastoral relationship may exist, whether you belong to HOPE Community Church or not, as Pastor Todd will guide, love and lead you through difficult times, both now and in the possible future.

Pastor Todd does not charge ‘a fee’ for counseling, rather allows each individual to consider giving according to their ability. Many have asked, ‘What is the suggested amount to consider donating for the counseling services offered’? In order to help answer that question, listed below, please find suggested counseling services rates:

  • 1st time visit – (1) one hour duration $ 60.00
  • 2nd + visit(s) – (1) one hour duration $ 50.00
    • Each additional ½ hour session $ 25.00
  • 1st time visit – (1/2) half hour duration $ 30.00
  • 2nd + visit (s) (1/2) half hour duration $ 25.00
    • Each additional (15 minutes) $ 15.00

These gifts can be collected at time of session, or paid directly on our website.

For an appointment, please call 704.398.9912.

Warmly in Christ,
HOPE Counseling Services