Are you looking for a meaningful place where you can connect your life and find purpose? If what you are looking for is a Bible believing and teaching church, one where people are real. Not perfect – but real! Where love for one another is evident, then this is the place! If you are looking for a perfect church, this is NOT the right choice. We are a family of forgiven believers from various pasts, who have learned to love Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior, and who seek to share Him with everyone in West Charlotte. If you are looking for a church family that will love your family, will welcome you on the first visit and love you unconditionally, then this might be the right place for you. We believe God’s mission for us is simple, “doing the King’s business in the Queen city!”. We want you to know Christ as your personal Lord and Savior! We are real people with a passion for Christ and compassion for the lost. Hope you will join us soon!

Why Church? What makes HOPE any different than any other Church? What would I find if I visit? Church in North America is unlike Church anywhere else in the world. North Americans have been lulled into believing Church should meet their needs, have the latest/best/top quality programs for children, youth, singles, adults and seniors. And if the ‘Church’ can’t/won’t provide those desired results, North Americans become consumers and shop around for what they desire. They end up becoming part of a community that doesn’t embrace them Biblically, only socially. So, why Church? What makes HOPE any different than any other Church?

What would I find if I visit?
Simply put…we don’t have all the flash/smoke/mirrors/performances that others have. You won’t find that on HOPE Hill. We don’t have the best programs for children/youth/singles/adults/seniors that others have – and we don’t have the fanciest facilities that others have. You won’t find that on HOPE Hill.

What you will find…
A community of believers in the Lord Jesus Christ who have been born again, who love Jesus and one another, and will love you on your first visit (Mark 12:30-31). We are a Bible teaching/preaching church, making much of Jesus, exalting Him, edifying (teaching) the community, evangelizing (sharing the Gospel as an Acts 1:8 Church), missional. If there was one word that summed up ‘Who’ we are – it would be MISSIONAL. We give 16% of our budget away every month to MISSIONS, send (5-8) five to eight Teams annually all over the world on mission causes, obeying the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20). So far in 2016, HOPE’rs have gone to Haiti and Dominican Republic, with Thailand, Nicaragua, Honduras trips planned. We are a sending church, sending HOPE’rs out in obedience. Through our Pastor’s teaching, we learn the Bible, verse by verse through Books, not topical as many do today. That helps us learn the whole counsel of God, not just ‘Hot Topics’, which enables us to live the abundant life Jesus talked so much about while on earth.

And, HOPE Hill is a blended ethnicity, white, black, red, yellow, all colors of people, much like Heaven. Our HOPE is, you will give us a try one Sunday or Wednesday! Pray for us please…